Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Big Day: Getting Ready/Bridal Party

The morning of our wedding I got up and headed on down to Three-13 Salon to get my hairs and makeup did with one of my Maids of Honor (I had 2).  Because I have pretty stupid acne prone skin, I opted for airbrushing of my face and back and chest.  Through some voodoo magic my face skin was actually coopering on our wedding day.  I had no active blemishes, though old scars were still visible - however, I think the airbrushing covered mostly everything. If I could do it again, I would probably not have my body airbrushed (only my face), 'cause that crap isn't cheap and I don't even know if it was even needed. I have only 1 or 2 pictures of my back (and I'm standing really far away) and my chest skin is never really in tight focus...

When it came to my hair, I really didn't have an idea of what I wanted.  I knew I didn't want curls as my hair is naturally straight and I felt curly hair just wouldn't be "me".  I think my only inspiration for my hair was my late grandmother, who always had her hair pulled back on top of her head in a bun.  I bet there aren't many hair stylists that hear that while preparing a bride's hair for their wedding day, "Yes, I want my hair to look like my grandmother!"

After getting all dolled up we stopped by Publix to secure some lunch, went to my Dad's and ate, and then drove to Canoe.  They had a nice wine tasting room set up for us (with champagne on ice!*) to get ready in.

*After a small sip of champagne, I claimed one of the three large glass water pitchers as my own, and drank directly from the pitcher when I felt parched.  I didn't want to smell like booze during the ceremony with Matt, so I pretty much kept to water.

The dress! It looks bright white in this photo (and most of the rest of the photos), but it was in fact ivory and champagne. I never thought I'd wear an A-line dress.  I wanted a 'fit and flair' kind a dress, but my body doesn't look right in them (big hips, but nothing to mirror the curve on top!).

Obi sash, vertical satin ribbon thing in the back.  My husband loves all things Japanese, so I thought he'd appreciate this little detail (I explained it to him weeks after the wedding, lol).

Dyed crinoline to the right.  Yes, I had to jump on that bandwagon.  I needed something blue! I was going for a darker blue (like the bridesmaids' dresses), but after 3 bottles of Rit dye, I ended up with medium blue. Oh well.  I was too scared (living in an apartment) to risk dealing with more blue dye on our white carpet!

 I required assistance. (Loved my Jr. Bridesmaid's pink highlights!)

My footwear for the big day - Timberlands I got in 7th grade (12 years ago!). I did buy a pair of heels for the occasion, but my feet went numb after 30 minutes in them (is this necessarily bad?).  Also, David's Bridal ordered my dress in a Petite, even though I am 5'6", so the dress may have been too short if I wore the heels.  Double also, I didn't want to be taller than Husband Guy, so I went with the boots and their slight heel.

A huge chunk of my hair came down whilst I was getting the poofy dress over my head. I required more assistance.

With the wedding being in Atlanta on April 23rd, I thought being cold wasn't something to worry about. I was wrong.  It was quite cold outside, so I left my jeans on under my crinoline and wedding dress.

After much deliberation, I went ahead with the mega-bling vintage rhinestone earrings and necklace set.  My only complaint: the necklace somehow got shifted a little at the reception, so all the pictures after that point show my necklace being askew!  (After seeing nonpro pics after the wedding, I ranted and raved around the apartment, screeching, "MY NECKLACE WAS ASKEW! IT WAS ASKEW!!")

Then, I was all ready to go outside, where it was freezing cold.  Good thing my goosebumps aren't in focus.  In this photo (and in many others), I am lifting my dress like this - not to admire it, but to shake out all the "nature".  Nature = pine straw, twigs, leafs, bugs, etc. I was so worried the photos would show all this crap caught in the lace on my dress.

 At least I didn't have to worry about finding comfortable shoes for the reception. :)

Me and my lady friends are all ready! The pink bouquets were a last minute (night before) thing.  I didn't want a bouquet, but I thought the girls needed something to hold onto.  Upon arriving at the first of many grocery stores I would visit the night before the wedding, I fell in love with soft pink carnations so that is what I used for the bouquets.  Nothing else in the wedding was pink*, but whatevs. I liked how it popped against the navy dresses.

*Except for the Jr. Bridesmaid's hair!

We bought Husband Guy a tailored 3 piece suit from Men's Warehouse.  After looking at the other pictures, you can't even tell that he's wearing a vest, so having him wear the vest wasn't really necessary.

The ties for the guys were from Cyberoptix and featured a silver printed tentacle on a navy tie.  It was so cold the guys never took off their jackets.  I'm pretty sad there weren't any pictures of the ties on the guys in their full glory.

Husband Guy picked out his shoes.  He spent more on his shoes than on the suit (what bride can say they did the same with their outfit??).  I'm proud to say he has good taste! :)

Simple gray suit.  We were not having a very formal affair, so I thought a tux might be a little harsh and overstated for our wedding. 

Little bit of tentacle peeking out!  One of the best things about Canoe was that everywhere was worthy of taking pictures.  We got pictures in at least 10 or 15 different areas on the property, and it seems that each had their own special charm.

In the end it was easier just to have the guys wear whatever suit they wanted.  My brother, on the right, got a similar suit to Husband Guy, except Brother's suit has light pinstripes.  Our officiant/best man on the left wore a more classic pinstripe suit.

Up Next: Ceremony


  1. I think it's awesome that you left your jeans/boots on. And really, if you hadn't mentioned it, I don't think anybody would've known. Sneaky!

    Both of you looked smashing! I can't wait to see more.

  2. Thanks so much! It's crazy what a little hair and makeup can do for a person. :)


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