Saturday, June 9, 2012

Impulse Buys of the Week

Even though I bought groceries at Whole Foods this week, I tried not to go overboard.  I've been reading Mr. Money Mustache's blog a lot lately, and so have really put forth an effort to curb my impulse grocery store spending.

I only bought the linguine because it was cheaper at Whole Foods than at my regular grocery store (shocking!) and I knew we'd use it.  I think trying out new "hippie" beverages (like the 2 shown above on the right) is a relatively cheap way to have some fun and try something new (am I that lame?), so I bought the cheapest drinks I could find.  I usually have no budget when it comes to trying new single serving drinks. The drinks were both just lovely, by the way.

The chocolate truffle brownie mix was on sale, and was delicious.  I've been laying off cow milk for a while, so I bought almond milk to go with my brownies.  I read somewhere that the hormones/chemicals that are added to milk can aggravate acne, so I started avoiding milk a few months before our wedding.  While I LOVE me a glass of ice cold milk, it has been nice having relatively less crappy skin, so I'm continuing to not drink cow milk - even though I am not positive that avoiding cow milk has been the reason for clearer skin...

I would say that overall, this week's impulse buys weren't too terrible. They made me happy and all together, the items above totaled around $12 - not too bad for impulse shopping at Whole Foods, I think. :)

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