Friday, November 26, 2010

My First Etsy Trade

I have been selling my wares on Etsy for over a year, and I only recently discovered the possibility of trading on Etsy. What exactly is that? you probably won't ask? Well, you swap your goods for the goods of someone else by using the list price of the item as a means of trading evenly. I discovered that there are tons of message boards on Etsy dedicated to organizing all the peeps that want to trade. After posting that I was interested, I received a message from someone that specializes in vintage merchandise. She wanted a custom luggage tag and a necklace, I wanted one of her bathing suits.

It is at this point that I may introduce the slightest possibility of "danger" in this process. We simply swapped addresses and said we'd mail the stuff. We didn't complete an Etsy transaction or exchange on Paypal, so there wasn't a way to leave bad feedback or report the other person if something went wrong. I made/mailed their items, and they mailed mine. Luckily most people on Etsy are really decent folks, so we both received our requests. I am happy to say I was delighted when I got my package in the mail and tore that bad boy open.

After the success of that trade, I traded some custom tags for one of my brother's Xmas gifts. Again, I was very pleased and look forward to trading again. It really saves money as your only monetary cost is the cost of your materials and shipping.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I Long to See the World.

Like most people, I don't need to be inspired to travel. At this point I'd like to go anywhere. (Well, anywhere except Africa...I'm good, thanks.) I long to see new people and places and quite simply, just experience new things. When I was younger I always thought, "When I get older, I'll do this or that." Well, I'm older. It's time to get out there and do something! I don't want my time here to come to an end with me never getting to do all those things my young self told me I was going to do some day. I'm hoping that 2011 will be the beginning of a life long journey visiting new countries and seeing what this big ol' world has to offer. Until then, I'll continue to mope and dream. :)

Onward! A recent order came in that provided me with a lot of new inspiring travel quotes. Yay!

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