Saturday, July 23, 2011

Origami Friends Overlooking 27th Avenue

Last month my boyfriend and I ventured from Boston to NYC for the annual OrigamiUSA convention.  While he was off doing his thang I stayed in our room working, or went wandering around the city.  At the end of each day, after he'd finished the workshops for the day,  my boyfriend would present me with a pile of all the new origami models he learned that day.  While I myself am not as obsessed with origami like he is, I absolutely adore looking at the models once he's completed them.  Below are a few photos of the origami he made during this year's convention that were photographed in our dorm room at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) - our sparse, albeit super convenient, accommodations during the trip.


My favorite model he learned at this year's convention, a Nazgûl!

 Japanese crane.

 The cute lil' mouse is just trying to peer out. :)

This whale did not want to sit all happy-like on the window sill like the others...

Our apartment is overflowing with origami.  Stuffed into drawers, covering bookcases,  hiding under tables...origami can be found all over the place, especially when Catty gets his paws on it.  I wish we had an awesome/easy/cheap way to display it all.

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  1. The mouse is so darn cute! What a nifty thing to know how to's a good thing I can't craft origami because my place would be overflowing too!


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