Thursday, March 29, 2012

Preparing Face Skin for Weddin' Day

So, my wedding is less than a month away.  The biggest thing that I have feared since getting engaged is having skin issues on my wedding day.   I've spent the past 6 months doing everything I can to get my skin blemish-free.  I've made a habit of eating as healthy a possible.  I drink mainly water and green tea.  I've spent a small fortune on a new skin regimen.  I try and destress as much as possible (stress seems to be my biggest acne trigger and is the main reason that I made sure I'd have a few weeks off from work before the wedding to destress and focus only on finishing up wedding thangs).  I've also been doing shots of apple cider vinegar (which I find to be easier than adding it to tea and having to suffer through the entire drink).

So, how has my skin reacted to these seemingly positive changes? Eh. As of today I have some "issues" going on. But, I have also reached a happy mentality regarding my skin that I am happy to share: I no longer give a shit.

 About a week ago.  Things have since gotten a little...not awesome.

Yup.  In worrying so much about this stupid little "problem" of mine, I now realize how fucking seriously vain I can be. Having skin issues is such an insignificant matter when looking at the bigger picture.  I am getting married to someone I love dearly and get to be with forever.  We both have our health.  We are planning a wedding day that is exactly how we want it be. There are many people in this world that are not so lucky.  In some countries it is commonplace for young girls to be forced to marry much older men.  There are people that literally will never see the person they are marrying because they are blind. Some people are too ill to even contemplate having a wedding. Millions of people simply can't get married as they currently are denied the right.  And yet, here I am, getting married to someone I myself chose, in exactly the way I want - and still complaining and fearing about having acne on my face when I get married.  I feel like such an asshole.  So, hence the new rationale/life motto on this situation mentioned earlier.  Well, actually, I am just going to add it to my repertoire of existing life mottos.  The first being Fuck it.*

Sorry about the language.  It seems that admitting/discovering that I am being a self-absorbed brat really bothers me. It also appears that my life mottos require foul language to motivate me. ><

I, of course, will hope to have fabulous, movie-star quality skin on The Big Day, but I am done worrying about it.  Even if I have crap on my face, I'll still be married to my dream guy. At the end of the day, that will always be more important than looking pretty. :)

*This motto was brought about during a time in my life where a major change occurred and I suddenly felt completely free to do whatever the hell I wanted to - and did - and still do.  I want to go to NYC *now* to clear my head. Fuck it, flight booked.  I want to join a dating website for geeks because where the hell are you suppose to meet hot, smart, geeky guys? Fuck it, profile created. (Husband acquired!) You get the gist...

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