Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mini Booklet Father's Day Card Thing

After my Dad's latest birthday, he informed me that he always looks forward to receiving my cards. (I usually hand make cards for my closet relative's birthdays and other occasions.)  Ever since learning of this, I have been a little anxious, like, I have to produce now!  I can't just fold a piece of card stock in half, scribble a note inside, and then mail it out.  I have to make something that demonstrates thought and creativity...

Luckily,  I was able to pull inspiration from my wedding programs that I had just made a few months ago.

A hardcover booklet with pages sewn in with DMC floss.  Here is the original tutorial, filled with super helpful directions.

Anyway! Since I had all the supplies in stock, I thought I'd turn this lil' book into some cards for Father's Day (and a few upcoming birthdays).

I incorporated stamped leather pieces onto the front of 2 cards.  All of the cards have little stamped leather tag/charm things hanging from the spine.

For the Father's Day card, I cut a window out of the cover so the leather could recess into the card and lay flush with the outside.

With my wedding only a little more than a month ago, I'm a little spent when it comes to super sentimental card fodder for my Dad.  I've already said every mushy thing that I have ever wanted to say to him, so I thought I'd approach this Father's Day card with a little humor.

Empty book awaiting the pages to be sewn in.  As this was technically a greeting card, I only sewed in a few pages.  A hardcover 'book' is probably a little overkill for a simple greeting card, but regardless, it was in my little heart to do so!

I used E-6000 to glue the leather panel into the book.  I had to stamp this numerous times, because I kept cutting the little rectangle so that it was too small and there were air gaps around the edge. I couldn't cut it first, and then stamp it, because the leather shape could have changed a little as I stamped it. Oh well. It's done! :)

After I sewed in the pages, I attached a little leather tag with the year stamp onto it.  The other cards I made also include a tag with a heart on it, but I didn't think Dad would care for that.

Finished product!  Needless to say, this thick "card" can't be mailed in a regular envelope.  Bubble mailer it is!

 The next page has a little message and my personal note.

After I started the Father's Day card, I realized, "Wow. This is going to be a pretty time consuming, involved project.  I might as well make a few cards since I have everything out."  So I made 3 birthday cards in addition to the Father's Day card: for Mom (Mimmy), Stepmom, and Grandad.

 Now, to get thinking about Father's Day 2013!  ><

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  1. Oooh, I just want to touch the lettering in the leather!

    Really lovely looking card, I'm sure he was pleased!


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