Saturday, May 14, 2011

Why I Loathe Skinny Jeans

I am personally not fond of suffering to be fashionable.  I'll brave some blister-inducing shoes if I have to wear them for a very formal event, but that's about as much as I'm willing to endure just to look nice.  Skinny jeans require me to suffer.  Sure, getting them on isn't too bad, but trying to take them off makes me want to heap on the floor and cry.  They are so fraking tight at the bottom that you have to make a game plan just to properly take them off without falling and cracking your head on something.  Also, the fabric of the skinny jeans tend to twist around my leg, so the seams aren't straight up and down, but instead wrap around my leg [see stupid photo above].  To achieve the same look, kind of, I prefer slim fit jeans.  They don't flare out at the bottom, and they still give you that straight leg look, without cutting off the circulation at the bottom of your legs like skinny jeans.

Also, I'm not 15 any more. I don't need to wear jeans that are tight as hell, and I no longer need to visit the bathroom just to check to make sure my butt still looks good.  Yes, sadly, I used to do this.  My wardrobe these days is more focused on comfort than style.  Sure, I like to appear somewhat "current" with the trends, but I guess I am just getting old, as it is so not a priority like it used to be.

Skinny jeans                                      VS.                                    Slim Fit

I own 1 pair of skinny jeans.  I got them for $7 at Forever 21.  I hate how tight they are at the knees. My knees yearn for more freedom!  I like the 1 pair of slim fit/straight leg jeans that I own (thrift store find!) because they are so comfy.  They are still loose enough at the bottom that my legs don't feel constricted.  I will admit they may look at little weird with my shoes, though...I'm still working on that.

 I normally wear these pants over the tops of my boots.

I don't think the jeans look that great tucked into these shoes.  But, hey, at least they're comfy. [And no, my pant's aren't unzipped.  They close with 3 buttons and the buttons like to flare out the little flap all stupid-like.]

Well, yeah, so there you have it. A complete analysis of how I wear pants. Please don't stop reading my blog now. ><


  1. I prefer slim fit over skinny jeans, too. You can keep the blister causing shoes, though. I trashed those years ago! Running shoes, sandals, or flip flops will remedy the way your pants hang at the bottom....or just wear capris or a dress!

    This was a fun post Brandy!

  2. This post totally made me laugh. I hate skinny jeans. I don't even own a pair, tried them on once and left them in the dressing room (once I finally got them off) :)


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