Saturday, June 23, 2012

Recapping The Big Day!

It has been exactly 2 months since our wedding, and I now have the precious disc of wedding day images in my possession! I wasn't exactly sure the format for which I would share the photos (one massive post, a million little posts, a bunch of posts in a row, a bunch of posts spread out over a few months, etc).  In the end I decided to follow in the style of WeddingBee, my wedding planning refuge for the 8 months leading up to my wedding.  I'm going to spend the next few days recapping in a few wedding posts (with each post highlighting a different aspect of The Day), and then be done with it!

Tomorrow I'll begin with our venue, and then move on from there:

-Getting Ready
-Bridal Party
-Bride/Groom Portraits

I think our amazing photographers need to be recognized for their achievement in this ordeal.  I have never thought myself a photogenic person.  I simply don't know how to pose/not look stupid for a picture, so our photographers seriously worked a miracle!   We hired [Once Like a Spark] to capture our wedding day photos, and I am so pleased with their work!  Here's a little preview so you understand the awesomeness to which I am referring.

With our wedding being in the city of Atlanta there was a sh*t ton quite a few photographers to choose from.  In then end I decided upon [Once Like a Spark] for a few reasons:

-I loved their shooting and editing style.  Less formal poses and more natural, photo journalistic style shots. 
-We get the rights to the photos and can do with them as we please.
-The price was the best that I could in Atlanta find for the quality/type of images being produced.

I would totally recommend them to anyone needing a photographer.  Also, they have photographers all over the US, so that's pretty convenient.

To recap the recap: I'll start wedding posts tomorrow, which will continue until the whole freaking day has been shared. Yaaayyy!! If you don't give a crap about strangers' weddings, check back in a week for new posts on custom leather luggage tags and key chains and evil catties.

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