Friday, June 22, 2012

Found: A Tote for NYC

I leave this afternoon for New York City.  Husband Guy is going, too, to attend the annual OrigamiUSA convention.  I'm going for the gays and such as - it's pride weekend in NYC and I want show my support! :)  I will also be embarking on typical touristy adventures with a friend who is joining us.

Because I knew that my tiny everyday purse wouldn't cut it for the things we have planned, a month ago I was looking for a bag big enough to hold all my supplies (water bottle, guide book, etc.) for this trip.  I did purchase a bag that was on my list.  Well, kind of.  I found an exact copy of the vintage leather bag I had on my list, except it was 1/3 the price! Yay!  I did have to clean it up, but I think it will work out just fine.

I will return Monday evening, and will be back to work on Tuesday morning, answering messages and working on tags. :)

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