Friday, October 19, 2012


It appears a new trend has developed in recent orders I've received for luggage tags. Featuring MR and MRS on the tags seems to be the new 'thing to do' and I love it! It adds a little bit more formality to the travel experience, which I think is lacking these days.

Sadly, I have yet to receive an order for some MR and MR [or] MRS and MRS tags. :( Maybe one day!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Halloween Masques

In two weeks my lovely Mother and Brother are making the trip up from Georgia to visit me in Massachusetts. I am beyond ecstatic. While Mother has visited once before, Brother has never been to visit me since I moved to MA over 2 years ago. I am excited to share my adorable town with him, and let him see how different New England can be when compared to the South.

These folks are visiting me during the week of Halloween, so I'd like to make sure they have a fun time (and thus encourage them to return!). Whilst wandering through Target the other day, I found some things that I felt would drastically enhance this upcoming visit. Looking back, this logic was probably nonsensical, but at the time, it seemed quite important to my cause. Cue the fabulous Halloween masks!

Holy crap! I saw these masks and just HAD TO HAVE THEM! They are so fun! And they were cheap as hell, too.  $12 each for the two large masks*, and just $8 for the smaller white mask. And they have so much detail! I see us donning these lovelies with a fancy Halloween drink in hand while taking part in happy conversation and giving out candy to trick-or-treaters.  :)


I tried to pick out masks that would work for either Mother or Brother or me. I personally love this silver beaked mask!  There are two pieces of elastic in the back that are joined with velcro - so the fit can be custom to each individual's head.

I was thinking of Brother when I picked out this gilded mask.  While it does have rhinestones and lace,  I feel the shape is so masculine that it could work well for him.

I thought Mother might like this dainty mask.  I still cannot get over the detail for only 8 bucks!

Husband Guy refused didn't want to pick out a mask to wear for the Halloween festivities as he wears glasses and didn't feel like having to deal with glasses + mask.  However, he did kindly, briefly model a mask for me while he was also cloaked with a white Sphynx scarf (it's heated!).  <#<#<#

I hope to get some fun photos of us in the masks.  I guess I should be wearing some type of costume as well... Pretty much the only thing I have that is not 'normal clothes' is my Old Reliable Dress - but I won't complain about having to wear it! I like to bring it everywhere, just in the off chance I'll get the opportunity to put it on.

Yay! I'm so exited.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Apparently, Ask & You Shall Receive!

A month ago the conversation above transpired.  After it was over, I didn't really think much of what was said (except for the bit about buying whole coffee beans - I am STILL annoyed about that...).  Then, about a week or so later, this face was looking up at me from our mailbox.

Oh mah gawd! I know that face! It is the face of an Etsy Queen! But why are they sending me mail!?  This is odd...and yet so welcome.

And then I opened it. Oh yeah! I told Husband Guy I wanted this. What a surprise! (For reals though. Even though I did ask for exactly this item, Husband Guy has practically never just bought me something when I requested it out of the blue.)

I LOVE this quote.  Before I met Husband Guy, I was kind of a Jane Austen junkie.  I would read this beautifully romantic stuff in her books, just so I could mope around and be depressed about it later - "real guys aren't like that! What bullcrap..."  And then I met Husband Guy, and I found that there are guys out there that are even better than Mr. Darcy!*

*I hope Janites out there don't think this is sacrilegious. :)

 Working from home = I can't fathom the idea of wearing make up (or spending money on make up). Sorry Husband! ><

Yay!  Since receiving this lovely scarf, I have worn it every time it's been nippy out - which has been quite often here in Massachusetts.  Plus, it is nice to be able to wear something out that reminds me of Husband - besides my wedding rings of course. ;)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Get Organized with Custom Tags


Most of the tags I make end up on luggage, so it is always neat when I get to make tags that are intended for other uses.  I recently made a handful of tags that I assume were intended to label storage containers. 

I usually don't know the story behind what I am making for customers, so I have fun imagining how certain tags or key chains will end up being used. :)  I imagine the set above was used to adorn lovely wicker baskets in a storage closet.

Wicker storage container from Lowes.

I don't have any storage baskets of my own that I can "tag", but I recently bought a few of these guys, and have yet to add a label in the metal holders on the front. I am now super inspired to make some custom leather strips to add in the little holders to assist in my own quest to get organized.   Eeeee!  ><

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