Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wedding Jewelry: Earrings + Necklace

Before Christmas 2011 I ventured back to my homeland - North Georgia - to spend a little time with family.  It was during this trip that I had hoped I would find the jewelry I'd wear on The Big Day.  My late grandmother was very much into jewelry, so I assumed that there would be gobs of different vintage pieces that would work for me to wear during the wedding.  However, it appeared that this was not the case.  I was quite heartbroken as I was looking forward to wearing something of hers on such a special day.  Since I still wanted vintage, "glam" jewelry, I set out to find me something to stick in my ears that looked pretty.

After a scary amount of time on Etsy, I fell in love with a parure that met all my requirements - it was sparkly and unique and fabulous!  However, it was waaay out of my budget (remember, I was hoping to borrow jewelry, not actually pay money for anything).  I stalked this necklace and earring set for weeks.  On Christmas Eve I noticed that it had been marked down by $40.00.  I took that as a sign that I was meant to have it, and after consulting various family members across a few states, I bought it.  I had never spent money on jewelry before (besides at Claire's when I was 13), so this was kind of a big deal for me!

Here are my newest babies! (My wedding dress is my first born.)

I got them from Orange and Blossom and have been so happy with them! (I try them on at least once a week.) 

But then, I started to get what I will call bride brain.  While I love the crap out of this jewelry I bought, I began to wonder if it was too much - as in too much bling.  Will it distract from my dress and my face and my hair-do???  But, then on the other hand I felt, Hay - It's my weddin' day and I'll wear whatever the hell I want to - even if it totally clashes with my dress (hint: my dress isn't plain white with no ornamentation...).  So, I developed a compromise.  I will wear these lovely earrings and this lovely necklace, but my Maids of Honor will wear some sparkly vintage jewelry, too, so I don't feel all alone with my blinged-out  self.

Since it was my weird compulsion that now required my 2 ladies to have this specific kind of jewelry, I thought it only fair that I buy these items for them.  Below are their choices.  It had looked as though one of their picks might not work out, so I bought a back up pair (that I may now give to my Jr. Bridesmaid so she can rock the vintage look as well). 

When I first went on this earring quest to find big, glam earrings for my bridal party, I briefly considered newly made jewelry.  After looking at a few stores, I found that I didn't like the bright metals and swarovski crystals used in modern day (affordable) bridal jewelry.  I just prefer the patina found on vintage metal and the sparkle of the old rhinestones.  Though, it may just be the memory of my grandmother that makes vintage jewelry so much more special to me.

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