Monday, June 4, 2012

Wedding Card Album

I finally made something I discovered on Pinterest! While still in the planning stages of our wedding, I came across Something Turquoise's Card Album.  I thought it was an adorable and simple way to keep wedding cards together, and I was so excited to make one for us after the wedding.

Before our wedding we only received 2 wedding-related cards.  Because I was planning to make this card album after the wedding, I was a little worried that I wouldn't have any cards to put in it!  We didn't register anywhere, so I really didn't expect to get any gifts, and I couldn't request that people get us a greeting card just so I could put it in an album.  :)  Luckily, we got the perfect amount of cards on our wedding day, so the 'card album' is holding more than 2 cards.

The supplies I needed to buy for this card album project were minimal - the only things I didn't have in stock were the metal book ring, the 3D letters for the cover, and the brads to keep the ribbon attached to the book.

After creating my card album, I still have a whole pack of book rings, a pack of swirly glitter brads, a mostly-complete pack of metallic silver letters, and a spool of thick light blue satin ribbon.  If anyone has a need for these items I listed (even just the small quantity required to make the card album) let me know and I can help you out for the cost of shipping.  This stuff is just taking up space in my apartment. ><

I would say the card album I made is a simplified version of original card album made by Something Turquoise.  The only decoration I added on the cover besides the single color of paper is a few thick stickers that I glued on with E-6000 (the stickers didn't seem very sticky, so I glued them).  I used a glue stick (instead of glue dots) to cover the tag board (originally the back of a pad of drawing paper) with scrapbooking paper.

Since I didn't have any cute wedding or love-related charms to attach to the book ring, I made a few of my own out of leather.  One leather tag/charm thing is stamped with our monogram, while the other is stamped with our wedding date.

The tag board that I used for the front and back cover was too thick for me to punch a hole with my lil' paper hole puncher.  I had to use my hammer and a small leather hole punch to get through the covers. I glued a spare wedding invitation to the inside front cover to provide more info to the album (for future generations to enjoy, of course!).

To make the holes for the brads to go through the thick tag board, I had to return to the hammer + leather-hole-punch method.

Maybe I'll make one of these for all the cards we receive in a year.  The only cards we'll be getting for the rest of our lives will be a few birthday and Christmas cards, so a year's worth should fit in one album just fine...or maybe make an album for only the cards that hold more than just a person's signed name, like a handwritten message or note...I need to think on this one some more.  :)

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  1. I love this album, will have to do one too with our cards. I like the leather tags!


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