Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Saddest Cake Balls

One of my favorite treats is a birthday-cake cake pop from Starbucks.  They are so effing good.  However, when one is searching for a sweet snack, who wants only 1 freaking cake pop? No one.  You need at least 5 or 6 for it to be a completely satisfying experience.

Unfortunately for me, buying 5 or 6 cakes pops in one sitting just to satisfy my sweet tooth is not a justifiable expense.  So, for about a year or so, I have been making my own cake pops.  Well, initially they were pops (I stick cake balls on the end of a stick), but I have since grown lazy (and cheap), so I now just make cake balls.

Cake Balls Recipe, my simple version

Cook a cake from a box mix. I like funfetti.
While still scalding hot*, crumble cake into a bowl.
Plop in a dollop of tub icing. I like vanilla.
Mix together and form lil' balls.
Dip balls in melted chocolate. I like white chocolate.
Stick in fridge to create an impenetrable, tooth cracking, chocolate shell around the cakey middle.

*My method, but not required if you like your skin to not hurt.

For some reason, my last batch turned out pretty ugly.  They tasted fine, but I was having some major issues getting the chocolate to evenly and smoothly cover the cake balls.  Also, I used my fingers to dip the cake balls into the chocolate, which probably doesn't help things. Now I see the point of the stick! :)

Towards the end, when I knew the cake balls weren't going to be getting any prettier, I just made some log shaped cake things and drizzled chocolate over it.  I needed to end things - and fast.

This is the second batch, so that's why there isn't that many.  One box of cake mix yields about 30 little cake balls. For $10 for 30 cake ugly cake pops, it's still a better deal than Starbucks.  Plus, you can stick them in a bag and munch on them for a week. :)

I found some photos of some cake pops I made about 7 months ago, when I semi-cared about their appearance.

 I think I just used long kebab skewers I had on hand and cut them into smaller pieces.  I used icing to secure the stick into the cake ball (though I doubt the icing helped at all).

While not super smooth, I think these cake pops turned out a lot better than those of the recent Cake Ball Debacle.  Please note, chocolate cake balls are NOT better than funfetti cake balls.

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