Monday, May 23, 2011

How a Dead Worm in My Food Made Me Happy

I have recently become infatuated with eating artichokes.  Yeah, they're pretty awesome. An interesting thing happened on the last Artichoke-For-Lunch Day...

As I was going to town on my artichoke, I came across a curious sight: a little meal wormy guy inside my freaking artichoke.  I will say this, I was not grossed out. I was PISSED!! I look forward to Artichoke-For-Lunch Day.  It's like the highlight of my day.  So when I was forced to stop eating my precious artichoke because of this discovery (I wasn't hungry enough to simply "eat around" the worm and his mess), I felt a variety of emotions.  Anger, of course.  But also sadness, as now I hadn't anything to eat for lunch.  Really.  Most days I stare into the fridge/cabinets at least 6 times throughout the day, trying to find something to eat, but nothing is good enough.  It's all so...bleh.  Yet, I keep returning to these little food closets throughout the day, hoping that something *awesome* will magically appear since the last time I checked.

Anyway.  Upon sharing my annoyance at having to starve during this day's lunch, my better half prompted me to take pictures of the worm and return the wormy artichoke to the grocery store.  Oh, I took pictures all right!  But there's no way in hell I was going to return the food and demand a replacement or refund.  1.)  The thing cost me $2.50.  As someone who worked in retail for 7 years, I just can't bring myself to return something that cost me less than $3.00.  2.) It's not the grocery store's fault that a little worm crawled into this artichoke while it was growing out on the farm (or wherever artichokes are born) and lived in it, happily munching away at the insides of the artichoke until I fried it's ass in the °500 oven.  I bought two artichokes at the same time, and the second one was fine.

Here are the photos.  Stick with it till the end, as I end up playing with my beautiful food.

 This is the point that I discovered the worm.  I was only a few layers in . :(

 After peeling away a few more layers, I found evidence that the little worm had been quite a busy guy, eating throughout the artichoke.  Thanks...Before I found this, I had considered just throwing away all the pieces covered in worm taint and resume my lunch, but upon seeing this I gave up that dream.

As I now had nothing to occupy my time on my lunch break, I decided to finish peeling the leaves off of the artichoke so I could play with the furry part. 

 I can't believe that I only started eating these a few months ago...they are so fun and yummy.

As I wasn't going to remove the "fur" to get to the yummy artichoke heart this disappointing lunch session, I started petting the artichoke and fluffing out its fur.  (While I think the "fur" is in fact called the "choke", I prefer the term "fur". I'm from Georgia, leave me alone. ><)

The enjoyment I received from playing with this artichoke was actually slightly more satisfying than eating the artichoke itself.

Thank you, little wormy guy, for sacrificing yourself purely for my entertainment!
I was kinda sad to throw my art work away. (I saved the worm in a Ziploc bag until my better half came home from work and could Oooohh and Ahhhh at it.)


  1. what a great save--love your attitude and your pix ;-)

  2. lol The pics came out wonderfully. It seems that your lunch being ruined was *almost* worth it!

  3. Artichokes are in the thistle family, I think. That explains the "fur". Love the food art.

  4. Great photography! The sixth one looks like a cactus flower in the desert. You ever considered a side job fluffing model's hair? You'd do a bang-up job.

    I'm gonna share this on my personal Facebook page because it is my kinda quirky and I have a friend who is, like you, an artichoke fan.

  5. At least there was a happy ending! I lifted the lid to check on my basket of steamed broccoli once, and there was a big green caterpillar on top. He must have been trying to crawl away from the heat. I took it as a sign that my veggies were really fresh! (I ate the broccoli anyway). :)

  6. Wow! Look what you've uncovered! I guess it was a happy ending after all.

  7. This post made me literally laugh out loud! I'm from Ga, too, and I've never called the inside of an artichoke anything but the "fur!" ;p

  8. Lmao...this was hillarious. Great post. Beautiful picture! Who knew playing with your food could result in such beauty :)


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