Friday, May 20, 2011

A Little Visit to Boston

As I mentioned a little bit ago, my parents recently came up from Atlanta to see where their somewhat grown up daughter was living since a recent move to Boston.  During their visit we did a lot of fun touristy things: saw a game at Fenway, went on a Duck Tour of the city, had a canoli from Mike's in the North End, and wandered around the Boston Common park.  It was quite a nice little visit.

I made them a tag to put on their luggage for the return visit home to Georgia.
My stepmom chose the quote and I couldn't have summed the trip up better myself. 

At Fenway Park, with the iconic Citgo sign in the background.

Tour of Fenway before the game (we lost).

 During our Duck Tour of Boston. (Black & white for the win.)

 We were in a similar WWII era DUKW as these people waving at us.

 Boston Common in spring!

 I loved these trees near the state house.  The puff ball flower blooms are so fun! :)

Now just to get my awesome brother to visit!! *hint hint*


  1. Such nice pics! Boston's my home too! Love it!

  2. Really enjoyed the photos. The luggage tag is priceless:):)


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