Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Red Sox Tags + Fenway Park

A very unique thing happened recently.  The same day that I went to Fenway Park in Boston to see a Red Sox game for the first time, I received an order for a few leather tags for some dedicated Red Sox fans. Too weird!

My parents were recently in town visiting myself and my better half for the first time since we moved to Boston 10 months ago.  While I honestly have no interest in baseball, my father is a lifelong fan of the sport, so I was very excited for him that we would be seeing a game at Fenway, the oldest ball park in the US.

We did a neat tour of Fenway before the game and were able to see how the field looked from all the different seating sections.

Our seats in center field.  There were a bunch of different food options to occupy my time when I was bored.  Note to self: funnel cakes are not a good food on windy days, as the coke-like sugar dust will float onto your neighbor...

Sadly, this was the best picture out of the 8 pictures I took of me and Matt.  The other photos involved me snarling, staring up at the sky with my mouth wide open, and/or appearing to have no upper lip. [I appear sad because I am quite cold.]


  1. Quite synchronous - you going to the game and receiving that order:) Your photo is cute, even though you appear sad:):)

  2. How fun! I have only been to the old Atlanta Braves stadium and the MN Twins dome. We do go to the local minor league games and they are quite fun..esp. if I am not driving and can partake of the adult beverages. All my photos I take of me are bad..or maybe that is what I really look like and am just in denial!


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