Sunday, May 22, 2011

Evil Cat Asylum

A few times a month, I acquire new cardboard boxes, most of them being filled with supplies for Of The Fountain.  Like many cats, my cat Rasputin loves boxes.  No matter the size, he will attempt to crawl or hop inside.  Whenever I am in possession of a large box, I like to build stuff for him.  I spent an entire afternoon once taping a bunch of boxes together to create a giant catty apartment for him.  So, after receiving my latest shipment of supplies, I created a very special place for my Lil' Pooper.

 Upon emptying the box of its contents, Catty hops in to conduct an inspection.  Then, I get to work creating.... Evil Cat Asylum!!

 This locale acts as a refuge for evil cats.  Here they can congregate and share their woes of living the evil life.

 As Rasputin is the leader, he gets his own office space.

He's always eager to greet new members!

 He prefers not to follow traditional thinking, and can often be found trying things in a new way. For example, how he enters his office...

 Or hell, let's break down the walls (social barriers) and get rid of the elitist "office" altogether!

 The facility also features a free play area in front of the building (toys provided).

Yay! Evil 4Life!


  1. Ha! This is great! Our kitties love boxes too. I might just have to build them a fun play house next time I get a large box :)

  2. Great post and photos! Made me smile!

  3. so cute! whenever we get a box, my kitty loves it. but if I try to alter it and make him a house, he never likes it. sigh. i'm glad your kitty likes the fort.

  4. Oh my goodness your cat is so pretty.. I want one like that so badly, fiancé wont let me though because he thinks it would feel like a shaved nutsack :( Cats in boxes are ace though!

  5. Awww, he feels really nice! Like soft fuzz...


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