Sunday, May 8, 2011

New Business Cards

As I am quickly approaching the last of my current business cards, I thought it deathly important to make a new design for the next batch of business cards. I was bored.  My initial goal was to totally rebrand Of The Fountain with new avatars, shop/blog banners, business cards, packaging, and more.  However, I am having trouble relating the new business card design into a banner or avatar, so for now I am keeping everything else the same.  Below are my past business cards, ending with the most recent design (which has already been printed, so hopefully it sucks less than the others).



For some reason I feel the least amount of info on the cards, the better?

Is it an improvement?  I dunno... but it is double sided!

 So, I sell custom leather luggage tags, and the business cards are in the shape of little tags! Hahahaha. Yeah.
The left card has been hole-punched at the top, the right card has not.  I don't know which I prefer. I guess the hole-punched version adds to the novelty of the design, so I'll probably continue that.

As it would have been hella expensive to buy cards that had been cut to a custom shape, I have to manually trim all the sides of each card to get rid of the white border.  The back of the card has my shop address and my email address.  The rest of the empty space will be dedicated to my 'thank-you' note.  :) 

 My better half says the lettering looks raised, while I feel it looks sunken (as was intended).   Perhaps I'm looking at it wrong, but I am the one who stares at the real tags all day...


  1. I love it! I think the look of the letters is like those photos where some people see one thing and some see another. I personally see it as raised, but it could just be me...and your hubby. Either way, it looks awesome!

  2. I like the hole punch :) They look great!!!

  3. I think they look great. Raised or sunken, it's probably easier to see in person. Good job!

  4. The new cards are well tied in to your work! I like 'em - especially with the punched hole.


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