Friday, May 13, 2011

Cat Head Business Cards

I feel like I talk about new crap that I've bought for my Etsy shops every week...I'm happy to say, this is probably the last post sharing my recent buys for a while!  I have plenty of supplies and the like in stock, so hopefully I won't have to buy anything any time soon.

The last "work" related thing I got in the mail was some business cards for my Oh Yeah Cat Heads shop.  I hadn't bought cards for this new shop yet because I didn't want to spend the money if the shop ended up going no where.  Since it opened, I've sold a few things, so I decided it was time to invest in some business cards.  Since I really don't sell much out of this shop (and thus didn't need a lot of business cards on hand to add to each order I send out), I thought I would splurge on some Moo cards.  I got the mini cards that have a picture on the back with contact info on the front.

 I used about 18 different product images that were split up amongst 100 cards.

 The back of the business cards.

Agatha card being attacked by the Spawn of Satan.

The problem I have with the Moo cards is they are so freaking cute, I don't want to get rid of them. They are like little pieces of art!  Perhaps my freakish attachment to these thick pieces of paper is weird, but I can't help it!


  1. I am IN LOVE with a couple of things, one being the mini cards and two the brooch, I think I'm going to have to seriously consider investing in one. But I must wait until pay day...or when my bills don't exceed my bank account! Yikes!
    PS - what type of camera do you have? My bday is coming up and I'm looking for ideas to put on my list :)

  2. So many people I know say that they always keep those moo cards because they are so cool--I think they're a great investment in the business.

  3. I have a Nikon D3000 (a wonderful gift from my better half). I had a Fuji Finepix Z before the Nikon that I absolutely loved and the pictures it took were just as nice.

  4. I really like it..i am really going to consider it for the design of Metal business cards.


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