Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Flowers In A City Of Stone 2

As I've already explained, nature is hard to find around my apartment in the city.  So, I like to buy fresh flowers whenever possible.  During visits to my late grandmother's house, I often frequent her backyard pond area.  Not only is there a cute little gold fish pond, but there is also a variety of flowers.

 This man made pond features a "big pond" in the front and a "little pond" behind the fountain lady, filled with a million (yes! a million!!) gold fish that are the spawn of two single fish.

My absolute FAVORITE flowers back there area the gardenias.  They smell like love and only bloom for a month during the summer.

  I discovered this bush by following my nose.  After taking this picture, I picked off this bloom and stuck it in the air vent in the room I was sleeping in so I could smell the heavenly gardenia smell in my sleeps. 

Sadly, as gardenias grow on a bush as opposed to being stemmed, you can't buy them at the grocery store. So instead, this week I bought another flower that I used to love to observe in her back yard - hydrangeas.  I couldn't find a picture of them, but her hydrangeas ranged from blue to purple to pink.  Because my grandmother's hydrangeas were the only ones I remember seeing growing up, I was surprised to discover that they "make 'em" in white.

Until recently I had never seen hydrangeas in the grocery store and my selection was very limited.  I guess now that it's getting warmer, they can offer a larger variety. Yay!  These have lasted me a few weeks. I think $5 or $10 a month is not too bad for a constant appearance of fresh flowers in the old homestead.

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  1. When I was still designing floral events I would order an extra gardenia for my hair because I could not get enough of the intoxicating scent. You can actually buy an indoor gardenia plant for your apartment :)


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