Sunday, May 29, 2011

Send Me Nudes

When I first started working in leather almost 2 years ago, I hadn't yet begun to dye my stamped tags.  I would stamp them, add a suede lace tie, and then Waaa Laaa! - I considered the tags finished.  When I discovered that I could dye the tags....holy crap, I thought that was the coolest thing ever and have been dying my tags ever since.

However.  I think if the right shade of leather is used, the tags can look really neat if left undyed.  The nude leather contrasts quite nicely with the brown of the suede lace.

If you desire more nudes, I have a necklace in my shop that is naked, undyed leather and can be totally customized.


  1. You're right - works quite well for the wedding luggage. Probably could work well for other favours too - and not just wedding, maybe Christening/Baptism?

  2. Those luggage tags are adorable!!!


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