Monday, May 30, 2011

Closing the Shop for a Week

This coming week I will be graced with the presence of my dear friend, as well as my boyfriend's mother.  Instead of trying to manage the shop as well as be a courteous entertainer during their visit, I am closing Of The Fountain until June 7.  I will leave Oh Yeah Cat Heads open as all of those items are in stock and ready to ship.

In way more important news, Happy Memorial Day.  Found on the Confederate Monument at Arlington National Cemetery:

Not for fame or reward
Not for place or for rank 
Not lured by ambition 
Or goaded by necessity 
But in simple 
Obedience to duty 
As they understood it 
These men suffered all 
Sacrificed all 
Dared all-and died

Take a moment today to be thankful that thousands of people you've never met have risked their very existence for you to live a free and happy life.


  1. I am definitely thankful, thanks for the reminder. Hope the rest of this weekend will be great for you.

  2. Great reminder of why we are celebrating today. Thank you.


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