Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cello Sleeves! Eeeeee!

At my last place of employment I was able to get a lot of stuff for free, as these items would otherwise have been thrown away.  One of the things that I took home once a week was a stack of cellophane envelopes, only slightly used.  I would use these as packaging for the items that I had started selling in my Etsy shop.  I'd slide a necklace (that was attached to a paper card) or a luggage tag into the sleeve, and then wrap it all up all pretty-like in Of The Fountain paper before it was shipped.  At the time, that job provided a nice source of free, recycled supplies.

Well, I eventually stopped working there.  And thus the source of free supplies was no longer.  When I ran out of the stock pile of cello envelopes that I had accumulated during the weeks leading up to my last day at that job, I was happy to find a vendor that sold a product that is actually a lot nicer, albiet not recycled.

I just received  a new shipment of 2000 cello envelopes.  I just love getting in supplies.  I really don't spend money on myself (like clothes, makeup, getting nails did, hair products, magazines, other crap), so I try and enjoy shopping for new supplies as much as possible. A little sad, maybe...

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