Monday, May 16, 2011

More Ready Made Tags in the Shop

I've recently added a bunch of new ready-to-ship tags to the shop.  Most of these new tags are travel or sci-fi themed.  I only make what I like.  That way, if it doesn't sell, and I'm stuck with it, I'm happy. :)

  See the world and experience all that you can.

 This post ends with my favorite tag ever.  Hint: it's LotR-inspired!

 Some sound advice from Lao Tzu.

 Holla!  An inspiring quote from an inspiring, albeit sadly cancelled, show (Firefly).

 This would make a lovely gift for someone planning a visit to Boston.  It would also be a nice memento for a Boston native to remember their town by as they are adventuring around the world.

 Dearest Wash, how terrible your end was. :(

 Since listing this tag a few days ago, I've sold out of the 2 that I had in stock.  When I get a free second, I plan on making more.  I'm happy to have customers that appreciate class.

 A cute little tag to attach to a birthday or thank you gift for mom...

Fear and Loathing, anyone?

As a rabid Lord of the Rings fan, it should not be surprising that is my most favorite tag that I have ever made.  Seriously. I watch the entire extended trilogy about twice a month (including special features) while I am stamping out tags.


  1. Your tags make me smile. Firefly rocks!

  2. Hahaha Loves the classsy one ...I guess I am classy too! hahahaha - Thanks for that!

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, I just noticed that we both live in Quincy!
    I love your tags, especially the bat country one ;)

    And your cat post cracked me up! We have three messy cats and sometimes I feel like my whole life is scooping poop, vacuuming, and breaking up cat fights...

  4. My daughter is the traveler in my family, my Mom too. I might have to visit your shop for a gift for them.

  5. Great tags :)I thought that Firefly wasn't very popular show. Definitely one of my favourites.


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