Sunday, April 24, 2011

Best Birthday Card. Ever. Slightly Mature.

My boyfriend's birthday was last week.  My lovely mother made him a birthday card.  It is by far the best card I have ever seen with my two eyes. 

**It helps to be a South Park fan to truly understand the interior theme of this card, though it is not required.

[click the photos to see the photo enlarged/more detail]

 I like the hat.

 Zombie + rhinestone eyes + glitter shoes + dismemberment = Happy Birthday!?

 Referencing the Woodland Critters episode of South Park, of course!

I think my favorite couple is that of the butterfly and gray kitten.

While I don't know the connection between Bertrand the Zombie and the woodland critter orgy, I still have to say this is my favorite birthday card ever - and it wasn't even my birthday!

I love my "Miiiiiiiiim!"

Being distracted by the cute, animal fornication, I just noticed the heavenly cherubs in the upper corners. Oh, Mom.

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