Sunday, April 15, 2012

Impulse Buys of the Week: Whole Foods Edition

Yes, one of the worst places to impulse-buy crap you don't need is Whole Foods.  There are so many things sold there that you can't get at a regular grocery store, the need to buy crap you don't need is even stronger. This visit, I went shopping while starving to death - probably the stupidest thing ever.

Here is the stuff I threw into my cart that wasn't on my list:

I *love* dessert. It's kind of a problem, but I live with it.  On the days that I have nothing to satisfy my after-dinner dessert fix, I am the most mopey, depressed little person in town.  It makes my heart hurt.  So, even though I technically had dessert foods at home, I stocked up on a few more (just in case!!!).

The fudge brownies have to be kept frozen, so when I want one of those I have to sit on it for at least 10 minutes to dethaw it. They are individually wrapped, so I'm not sitting on exposed food. :)  They are pretty expensive (to me anyway), but they are quite tasty! They are also gluten-free, not that I really give a crap about that, though.

The frozen coconut bars taste good enough, but I don't like the texture of coconut flakes, so I won't be getting these again.

In addition to loving the sh*t out of dessert, I also love bread.  I got this focaccia bread to go with some homemade tomato soup.  I don't like the stringy onion bits on the outside, so I just rip out and eat the innards.

The Kevita probiotic drink was impulse-bought for my future husband guy, who likes the similar, but more expensive, Synergy brand Kombucha.  Of course, he says he still prefers the pricier drink, so this impulse-buy was useless.

To have 1.5* out of 5 impulse-bought items be deemed worthy of frivolous spending is pretty disappointing...I'll have to do better next time I visit the grocery store.

*I love the brownies, and semi-liked the bread.

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