Saturday, June 18, 2011

Spending a Weekend Away

Happy weekend! :)  My boyfriend and I are celebrating our 2 year anniversary (which was in April) this weekend at the Latchis hotel.  It's a place where we can sleep, go to the movies, and get some drank all in one building! Holla!* I'm excited. Catty is not. He will be left at home alone for the 48 hours we are gone. 

Hopefully he doesn't annoy the neighbors too much with his incessant meowing. On our last 2 day trip, we found a Dorito on our door handle when we got home. What the hell? I think our neighbors wanted to see how long the loud, whining cat was left alone/potentially starving.  For the record, he meows because he's a very social, needy cat and wants attention, not because he's hungry or being neglected.  Well, he is being neglected in a way because I'm leaving him all alone and he hates that, but there's nothing I can do about it and he's just going to have to suffer. ><

I almost want to go next door and confront them about the chip on the door handle and let them know the situation with my catty.  However, I also don't know for sure that it was them, and I like to avoid all unnecessary social contact with my neighbors...

I worked in the jewelry department of the best craft store around for 7 years.  For a short time the store sold a pack of charms that were all in the shape of different Spanish words.  One day some idiotic teeny bopper came over to me, holding this pack of charms and pointing to the "HOLA" charm, and said, "Does this say holla?" My response: "Um, no.  It's pronounced O-la, it's Spanish for hello?"  Looking back on that fond memory, I really wish I would have told her, "Yes.  That charm is totally saying holla!  It's on sale. You should buy it." 

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