Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mount Wollaston Cemetery

I really enjoy visiting cemeteries.  Any kind of cemetery suites me just fine, but I find historic cemeteries to be the most interesting.  During the recent Memorial Day weekend, I visited Mount Wollaston Cemetery in Quincy, MA.  This is one of the largest cemeteries I've been to yet, and I still have more areas of it to explore. 

Baby Patrick

Mother, Lizzie, Willie

Not lost, But gone before.


I believe what I enjoy most about observing all the old grave markers is trying to piece together the story of these people's lives with very little information.  The headstones themselves are also quite fascinating when navigating the symbolism of the designs found on them.  I had an internship once where for my "work" I visited cemeteries and wrote articles on the symbolism found in the various types of decoration on the headstones.  I was able to talk to the caretakers of the cemeteries and really gained a lot of historical insight into the town that I was interning.  Oh, what fun times! :)

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