Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lovely Couples

Each of the following sets of tags feature such a loving sentiment. <3

 Their love for each other and adventure is displayed in a few words...

 ...their new status is shared in a handful of words...

...their devotion is told in a pretty decent amount of words. <3

Happy Sunday! My better half and I are currently in NYC for the yearly OrigamiUSA convention.  Well, my boyfriend is attending the convention, while I work on Of The Fountain stuff in our hotel room.  I brought a handful of recent orders with me to dye, ink and assemble.  In addition to that, I've been stamping out Of The Fountain wrapping paper, cutting hundreds of yards of suede lace, working on taxes for 2011 and making new cat heads! I'd call it a pretty productive work weekend. (I did the whole "travel to NYC with a friend and the brother and stay in a hostel in Brooklyn and get abducted by Scientologists in Times Square then later get trashed at the hostel and fall out of a bottom bunk bed and onto a rolling locker receiving a leg wound and then drunkly talk to my parents on the phone to check-in and then wake up the next morning and feel like crap whilst visiting the Met and then catching a bus in scary Harlem to get to the airport and finally arrive home" thing a few years ago, so I'm fine with not doing anything touristy this trip. ><)

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