Saturday, June 25, 2011

Out of Stock

*pout*.  I had to close my shop. Again. :(  When I closed it a month ago, it was because my family was in town.  This time, I simply ran out of materials. A few weeks ago I ordered supplies as I was running low on things that are integral in making my custom luggage tags.  Sadly, my order was placed on back order and I have no idea when the materials will be in stock and shipped to me.

I am so sad about this that I heaped onto the grass.  (Lies! I took this picture in May. No idea why. I am still sad, though.)

I still have enough materials in stock to finish up orders that were placed before I closed my shop, but I am not comfortable with new customers ordering tags when I don't know if I will have the materials in stock by the time I got to processing their order. So, I decided to close up shop until I get a refill on my supplies.

I have my *fingers crossed* that the supplies arrive soon.

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