Monday, June 6, 2011

A Gal Pal Visit + A Birthday shop has been closed for the past week as I have been quite busy at home. While I've been able to continue working on orders placed before I closed my shop, I didn't want to take on any more orders while I wasn't able to be near my computer for most of the time.

My dear friend from Georgia came for a short visit earlier last week.  We visited Bunker Hill, the Holocaust Memorial in Boston, and the Natural History Museum at Harvard.* We had a gay ol' time.

* Harvard's Natural History Museum is now my all time favorite museum.  I enjoyed it more than the High Museum, The Met, MoMA, The Guggenheim, and the Smithsonian.  I am somewhat sad to say, I even enjoyed this museum more than the Museum of Sex!

The tamest photo from the Museum of Sex I could find in my personal collection.

The day my friend left, my boyfriend's mother flew into town.  This past weekend we all went to my boyfriend's grandmother's 70th birthday.  It was 50's themed. 

Cute lil' figures rockin' and rollin'.

A costume was "optional".  When I first got the invitation to the party, I squealed with joy.  [correct use of] Literally. I always wanted a reason to wear a poofy dress.  I scoured Etsy looking for a dress for many, many hours.  I scrolled down so many times, that my eyes became all pissed off and strained.  Then, I found it.  A vintage 1950s party dress. Color blue (one of the colors used in the birthday party).  Later I found a super poofy crinoline and so I was set!

 Whenever I wrangle my better half into taking photos of me, I plead with him to tell me how to pose.  His response: "Look cute."  Are you kidding me? How the hell do I do that?  In 90% of the photos he takes of me, I either have my eyes closed, or no upper lip visible, or I look sleepy and cracked out. He takes the worst pictures of me.  Luckily, I can use about 10% of the photos after some editing.

 I wanted to get a shot of the poofery of the dress all spread out on the ground, but for some reason I just squatted down on my feet instead. ><

Classic spinning-in-dress-with-crinoline-poking-out shot.

On a totally different note:

On this 67th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy, thank an Allied WWII veteran you aren't speaking German.  Unless you are German...then I suppose just be happy that your country isn't evil any more.  Yeah...I'm going there.

While you're at it, join me in spirit as I marathon one of my Top 3 favorite TV shows/mini series of all time - Band of Brothers.  This show is like crack to me. I have "Wild Bill" Guarnere's autograph hanging above my work table.

One last thang! The shop will reopen tomorrow.  


  1. Your dress is perfect! Love the color and the fit, everything.

  2. That is the most beautiful dress EVER! You look great in it too.


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