Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Getting Ready For Peru: Part 1

I have always longed to travel.  I want to see and experience absolutely everything that I can.  For example, this past January I went skiing at Killington.  I feared for my life the entire time.  I just wanted to LIVE and not die!!!  But I'm glad I went and can now check that horrifying experience off my list.  To help satisfy my desire to travel, my better half and I have decided to take 1 international and 1 domestic trip every year.  This year's trip is my baby.  Together, we spontaneously decided to go to Peru, and I am taking care of every single aspect of this trip.  Luckily, he gets to plan (and pay for, yipee!) next year's trip to Japan.

As we are only going for a week, we pretty much only have time to visit Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca (yes, I am hoping to meet the great Cornholio).  R.E.I. has been our go-to store for all the "supplies" that we need for the trip.  A few months ago we went to R.E.I. during a "Garage Sale" event and bought our foot wear for the trip at a major discount.

 My shoes for the trip.  We aren't doing any major trekking, so we just need some comfy walking boot things.

 The good/bad thing about REI is that you can return anything at any time.  These "new" shoes are scuffed and have dirt in the grooves on the bottom.  I bet their previous owners went on a trip, hiked for a few weeks, then returned these shoes when they were done with their trip.  This is why they were able to be moved into "damages" and sold at a discount at the "Garage Sale" REI has every few months.  

 Originally $120.00, I paid $45.83 for my comfy shoes.  Upside to buying used shoes: they are already broken in.

 My boyfriend got these guys.

 His shoes only suffer from light scuffing.

 Originally $199.19, these shoes were purchased for $89.87.

I'm with my Little Man all day.  He's kind of a big part of my life. :)

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