Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I *Need* a Puffy Dress!

Every time I come across a super cute, vintage-looking puffy dress I immediately try and think where I could wear such an outfit. Needless to say, 1 thang instantly comes to mind: Dragon*Con (Sci-fi convention held annually in my native GA). I don't know what my "costume" would be, but I'd look freaking cute in my dress, whatever I claimed to be. That's the #1 reason I would buy an adorable full-skirted dress. As I ponder it more, I find that a more reasonable answer may be a wedding, or a night out, or simply a Halloween costume. Regardless, I NEEEEED one of these and my favorite place to browse is Timeless Vixen Vintage. I absolutely adore the 'poofery' found here!

What a pretty!! -It's like a white, shorter version Kaylee's dress from Firefly ("Shindig").

Love it!

The more tulle the better! The #2 reason I'd buy a dress like these is for "artistic photo shoots". I told my better half that I *needed* a poofy dress to use as a prop for pictures at Machu Picchu during a Peru trip next year. I think he gets it...

Holy God. This is it. The is the dress I have to be buried in. Of course, I would have to add like 3 more crinolines to make this bad boy stick straight out at my waist so it is poofy to the extreme.

My second favorite place to browse poofy dresses is ModCloth, simply because they are less expensive. However, they are no where near as poofy...

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