Saturday, July 30, 2011

VitaKitty Cat Treats

About a month ago I began a quest to improve the crap I was eating.  This new diet focuses on organic, unprocessed, raw foods.  Since moving to Boston a year ago from Atlanta, I've grown accustomed to frequenting Stop & Shop and Shaw's for all my sustenance needs.  However, when I decided I wanted to eat healthier, I deemed it necessary to go to Whole Foods to get this awesome new food.  

After wandering around the foreign (to me) Whole Foods for over an hour just to find everything I needed, I came across the pet section.  Since I wanted to eat better, I developed an urge to force my new beliefs on my catty.  So I got him some VitaKitty cat treats.  Essentially chicken breast jerky, these cat treats are made from happy, free-roaming chickens that have no added hormones or antibiotics or any other crap like that.  I was so excited to plop a few of these treats down in front of Rasputin!

Upon do so, a weird thing happened.  My catty didn't eat the treats.  He lazily stared at them from his cat bed, and then started batting them around.  Assuming he was being a moron and just didn't understand what was going on, I shoved a few in his face so he could smell the chickeness.  He didn't seem interested.  So I grabbed a clean one and started gnawing on it myself.  I had such high hopes for these cat treats!!  Sadly, they tasted like hard plastic with a slight hint of chicken flavoring.  Maybe they taste different for cats, and my cat was just one of the few that didn't find the taste appetizing...He also doesn't like cat nip, so I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case.

Luckily my mom is coming up for a visit in a few weeks, so she can bring these cat treats home to try out on her cats.  >^..^<


  1. That is exactly what my grand-daughter did when we bought new treats for the puppies--tasted them! She wasn't so excited and decided the puppies knew something she didn't. I'm pretty sure they took a sniff and figured it out. Unfortunately, for her, a sniff didn't give her the info she needed, but the taste test did! You both are crazy...tasting pet snacks is just not something I'd consider.

  2. Lol, oh my, I doubt ANY cat treat would taste good to us, but I'm sorry your cat didn't appreciate them either.

  3. Cats are so finicky...little prima donnas they are...I mean who wouldn't love plastic-ish chickeny treats? :p That's better than one of my cats that will eat anything but then shortly after eating something that isn't her cat food...she throws it up. Lovely little felines.

  4. Our cat has no interest in cat treats... but she wants to share my corn, mashed potatoes, and asparagus with me. Cats are just plain weird, and that's why we love them :)

  5. My cat likes anything tuna flavored. I fed her a can of tuna when I took her home (she was a stray) and I think she's been hooked since. :)

  6. I've been feeding my kitty vet approved Science Diet & Friskies foods, but I keep wanting to give him a more whole foods diet. It's so expensive for the fur balls, though, isn't it? I may have to try it at some point though for his health.


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