Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tag-sized Key Chain Added to The Shop

I don't know why I assumed that people preferred cute little key chains/key fob things.  I've had a few requests recently to create a key chain out of my leather luggage tags, so I have now added the 'large tag key chain' to the Of The Fountain shop.  I can stamp it horizontally or vertically with whatever you want, as long as it fits.

 This key chain is twice as large as the regular key chains found in the shop.


  1. Loving it! I may have to splurge on a new key chain before too long!

  2. So cute and I love that saying!

  3. Love your shop and this blog!
    I always love leather as media for my craft but too bad it's so hard to find it in my city.
    I like the second photo!

    Good luck for the sales!


  4. I love love love this. I will definitely order a couple soon.

  5. These are nice keychains. Are they leather?


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