Monday, July 18, 2011

Until the Very End

This past Friday I saw the final Harry Potter movie. Yeah, it was awesome. And sad. :(   I saw the film in I-Max 3D, and I must say that it was totally worth the $17.50 ticket price.

I was lucky enough to find an awesome shirt on Etsy to wear to the premiere. Our particular show time was sponsored by Entertainment Weekly, so everyone at the 7:00pm show got a free Harry Potter issue of Entertainment Weekly.  That was pretty sweet.

 Everyone waiting in line at the theatre received this.

 Anyone read Regretsy on Friday (7/15)?  Yeah. It was...lovely!!

 Eeee! Ron is my absolute favorite. (Sirius is second.)


  1. That shirt is excellent! Check out my post today... we didn't go to the premiere, but we were at the theater that day...

  2. Can't wait to see it and your t-shirt is perfect:)

  3. Awesome shirt! I didn't dress up, but my hair was way frizzy that day, so I suppose I ended up looking a little Hermione-ish anyway.

  4. Ron is awesome... Somewhere I read hi owns his own ice-cream truck.
    In some theaters, on opening night, the 3D glasses handed out were a limited edition modeled after Harry's signature spectacles. I bet you would have loved those!

  5. Awesome shirt!! I just saw the movie on Sat... *swoon* Loved it, loved it!!!


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