Saturday, July 9, 2011

Chambord and Champagne Cocktail

I didn't have my first alcoholic drink until I was 21*ish.  It's not that I was anti-underage drinking, but I just wasn't interested in booze until then.  My entrance into the world of drinking alcohol was found in my grandmother's freezer.  In there I found a teeny tiny bottle of Chambord (a delicious raspberry liqueur).  I confiscated the booze and sipped it over a few days (it was precious and I didn't want to waste it).  That became my drink - Chambord over ice.  Over the years I've branched out and will drink anything except for beer (weasel piss).

Plastic Halloween flutes my Mom got us from the Dollar Store.  I think it was money well spent. :)

This past 4th of July, I came across a new cocktail: Chambord and champagne.  While a drink consisting of two French beverages was probably the most unpatriotic thing I could be drinking on that particular holiday, I put that fact out of my mind.  1 part Chambord to 2 parts (or more) champagne.  Delicious dessert drink.

Chambord can be expensive, but luckily the champagne I got was super cheap.  I think it balanced out...


  1. Mmmm. Yummy. My favorite liqueur lately is Dr McGilicuttys intense vanilla schnapps in just about any juice I have handy.


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