Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Special Date

I'm still trying to clean up the 'unpacking mess' that has exploded on our living room floor after our return from our wedding(!) and honeymoon, so I haven't found my camera yet to upload anything new...not that I actually have a single photo from the wedding in my possession anyway.  5 weeks remain until the return of the professional wedding photos!  I am also pleased to share that my biggest fears for the wedding did not happen:

-falling while walking down the aisle
-erupting into a 30 minute long coughing fit during the ceremony (happened during my final dress fitting)
-feeling super awkward around everyone as I am quite shy


Not surprisingly, there were a few minor issues that came up (songs that I spent *months* choosing not getting played, the weather being way colder than anticipated, etc.), but for the most part, all went swimmingly. :)

Since my special date was a week ago, I thought I'd share some tags and keychains that feature their own special date. <3

We arrived back in town this afternoon after 2 days of driving from Atlanta to Boston, and I was so ready to reopen the shop and get back to work!

Just a reminder: I have implemented a new method of taking/processing orders...well kind of.  At the 1st of every month I will happily be taking new orders for custom leather tags and key chains.  Once I fill up my limit of tags/key chains that I can complete in a month (probably after a week or two), I'll either close the shop or just take out all the custom items.  (I haven't figured that part out, as I'd *love* to be able to offer ready-to-ship items even when I'm no longer taking custom orders.)  I'll resume taking custom orders on the 1st of the next month, after all pending orders from the last month have been completed and shipped out.  This will be my first official month of testing out this new way of processing orders, so hopefully it isn't too confusing. ;)

Feel free to contact me at brandy[at]of-the-fountain.com with any questions.

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