Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Most Magical Place on Earth

My brand spankin' new husband guy and I went to Walt Disney World for our honeymoon 2 weeks ago.  Initially, we were thinking of visiting somewhere outside the US as our honeymoon destination, but time simply wouldn't permit (since we already had to travel for the wedding).  Instead we went to a place we both loved, but had never been to together, Walt Disney World!

 I sucked at the Buzz Lightyear ride at the Magic Kingdom.  Probably because I had both eyeballs open? (This is my normal, everyday hairstyle - I call it Wildling Chic.*)

*This is also one of the ways that helps me to avoid attention on my daily walks to the Post Office - looking as homely as possible.  +5 stealth for adding leaves or twigs.

First day of our honeymoon. 

Our first official dinner as married peeps (after the wedding) at Raglan Road in Downtown Disney.

I think husband guy mentioned that we were on our honeymoon when he made the dinner reservation, as they gave us the only squishy armchairs in the room. 

At MGM, err...Hollywood Studios.  

The Magic Kingdom was just so...f*ing magical!!  The thing that always impresses me the most about Disney is the attention to detail.  Here is a fabulous example.  As you walk down the main drag at Magic Kingdom, you are flanked on either side by gardenias.  Now, I love me some f*ing gardenias, and to be enveloped by their glorious scent as I am roaming around the Magic Kingdom (and other parks/resorts at Disney)....well, it just doesn't get any better than that.  I mean, there were WALLS of gardenia bushes! WALLS of them!!!!  I'm used to seeing a single bush in somebody's yard, not 300 gardenia bushes all smooshed together, blooming with sweetly scented flowers!! Um, so yeah.  That was pretty awesome.

Our room at the Beach Club Resort.  Notice the Mickey towel arrangement on the bed.  Everyday they'd leave us a new towel design (sting ray, kissing swans, heart, etc.).

 Solid while chocolate Minnie and "Congrats" card from the hotel.  By the time we left, we had only gnawed on her ears and face.

 Our daytime view off our room's balcony.

 Our nighttime view off our room's balcony - Epcot!

 To get to MGM/Hollywood Studios, we had to take a boat taxi.  I require some form of breakfast every morning, so here I am waiting for the boat outside our hotel while chowing down on a hard boiled egg, croissant, and coffee.

 Husband guy is not too amused (he doesn't requite breakfast in the morning as I do).

 To get to the Magic Kingdom and Downtown Disney we had to take a bus.  Waiting for the bus...

 On this particular morning, we were provided with entertainment during our wait for the bus  (See!! It's the little details!).  Bean bag toss!

I'm proud of Smi Husband.  I'm pretty sure he only used the computer to make dinner reservations and other honeymoon-related things.

On our first night in Disney we saw La Nouba.  Crappy photo = we weren't allowed to take photos inside and had to make it quick! This was my first Cirque Du Soleil show, and I was a little skeptical about seeing it.  I really didn't think it would be something I'd enjoy.  However, I am happy to say it was absolutely *wonderful*!  It may have been one of my favorite parts of the trip!!  My husband guy is always so good about getting me to try new things. It's probably why I loves him so. <3

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