Thursday, May 24, 2012

All Night Long, All Night.

All of my work is conducted at home. I am alone all day. Well, alone enough.  Because I am alone all day, I have developed some odd coping methods to deal with this solitary working environment.  The most recent tick I've developed is singing songs about the tags that I am working on at the moment.  The lyrics of these songs usually consist only of the names going on the tags, and are almost always sung to the tune of Ruby Rhod's deejay jingle from The Fifth Element (at 1:30), where he sings, "All night long, all niiiight."

A sampling of today's songs:

"Matt and Kass, MattandkaAhaaass"
"A W S, A W Ssss"

I also do something similar when I am printing out shipping labels.  However, by the time I get to this point in my day (late in the evening), my husband guy is home, sitting near me on his computer.  Surprisingly, whenever I randomly bust into song singing a guy's name as I am working on packing up said guy's order, my husband doesn't even comment/care.  I guess he's used to it.

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