Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Hobbit --> Depression

For so long I was spoiled.  I had so much to look forward to. Years and years of enjoyment were laid out before me - perfectly planned.  Sadly, it appears that this precious way of life will soon come to an end.  After The Hobbit (Part 1 & 2) have come and gone in theatres, I will have no other beacons of potential happiness to light the way of my life. "movie watching" life.

While I really want to blame the Lord of the Rings trilogy for this problem, I cannot. No, this terrible situation that will soon be upon me can only be blamed on Harry F*cking Potter.  Harry Potter was always there...for years and years and years I always had a new Harry Potter movie to look forward to.  Yeah, it may not have always been the awesomely perfect magical movie that I was hoping for, but that didn't matter, for there would be another! And another! And another!

And then it stopped.  After Lord of the Rings was finished, Harry Potter soon followed.  Now all that's left is The Hobbit.  I know, I should be grateful that I at least have that, but I can't help but be depressed whenever I think of how I'll feel after The Hobbit: Pt. 2 comes out.  I'll have absolutely no other movie to be excited about.

It's so dark here.  There are no windows. I hope for the sake of my emotionally struggling 'movie life' that some lightbringer emerges and it is bright once again.

Wow! Keep the sharp knives away from me!

My husband's response to all of this drama? "First world problems."

**UPDATE!  The Hobbit has now been turned into a trilogy, so I can stave off mind numbing depression until after July 2014!  This is good news. Good news indeed.

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  1. Don't worry there's an infinite amount of magical movies ahead ! :)


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