Friday, April 13, 2012

My Own Honeymoon Tags

For some reason I thought I would have tons and tons of time before the wedding to tally things up.  I thought I'd have plenty of time to make a million*ish tags for both my future husband guy and myself for our honeymoon luggage. There would be so many tags, we'd have to leave some at home.  We'd have piles of tags to pick from to adorn our honeymoon luggage. It would be, in short, ridiculous how many tags I made to celebrate this special event.

Yeah. We leave for the wedding in 5 days and I *just* finished our tags today. (I still have tons of other wedding crap to finish up, though.)  I don't see me having time to make any more tags for us, so it looks like we will each have only 3 tags for our honeymoon bags.  I think I'm ok with that.  They are super special to me (and hopefully my future husband guy???) because, excluding the first set (the JUST MARRIED tags), the tags celebrate our absolute obsession with each other.

 Simple, self explanatory "Just Married" tags. These little tags get the point across - in two directions. :) future husband guy and I call each other "Smi." Pronouced with a long 'e' sound.  Perhaps a weird nickname for each other? I don't know what the kids are doing these days.... About 2 years ago I was mumbling some inarticulate babble to my then-boyfriend and one of the things I said was "Shmi Shmi."  For some reason we started calling each other this.  It was later shortened to "Smi."  In the past year we have also really gotten into Game of Thrones (anyone see where this is going?).  In the book/show different cultures of people take on additional wives and they have different names from the true wives (I could be wrong on this). AKA: "Salt Wife" (for those that worship the sea off the Iron Islands) or "Spear Wives" (for the wildlings that live north of The Wall).  Once we are married, I will be a 'Smi Wife' and he will be a 'Smi Husband'.  It's not exactly the same situation, but it's good enough for us.

I also like these tags because I get to use my newest massive font.  I guess I'm lucky our nickname is so short, as I can only fit 3-4 letters on one line.  In the corners I used my one of my newest stamps - a left and right filigree/flourish.  I think the fanciness works for the formality of the occasion, lol.

As I mentioned before, we *love* Games of Thrones. I'm currently finishing up A Feast for Crows (yeah..I should be done with A Dance with Dragons by now, I know!).  The sayings seen on the tags above were exchanged between a couple from the story.  Their relationship may have started out a little rough (she was 13, he was a scary horse lord), but by the end was so adorable and true. As my brother put it to me, "Dany and Drogo's relationship is the only one in the whole series that isn't totally f*cked up."  Rightly said brother.  While we don't actively call each other "My Sun and Stars" and "Moon of My Life," my future husband guy and I love the sentiment behind it and find it completely romantic.  Perfect honeymoon tag material!

Oh! The stars are the result of another new stamp I bought.  While I already had a star stamp, it's always nice to have options.

Now that we have our honeymoon tags completed and ready to go, I guess I am officially finished with making tags until we return from the honeymoon (May 1st)!  I think this 2 week break can only do good things for my achy hand and wrist joints. :)

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