Tuesday, April 3, 2012

With This One Ring

We picked up our wedding bands a few weeks ago.  We both went with white gold in a brushed finish.  The inside of both rings has been engraved with "YOU PULL ME THROUGH TIME." This quote is from the movie The Fountain (oddly enough, it did not inspire my shop name, which actually came from something my brother and our childhood friend used to say when we played together).  My better half and I both thoroughly enjoy this film and the scene where this quote is spoken is particularly moving.

My ring also features a quote engraved around the outside, "AS LONG AS I'M WITH YOU...", which was said during my future husband guy's proposal.  Being quite obsessed with The Lord of the Rings, I really wanted something engraved on the outside of my wedding band.  I thought the main point expressed during the proposal would be perfect, and so it was done. I wanted it engraved in Elvish, but was told that my ring wasn't wide enough for complicated characters, so cursive English was used instead.

The bands are hiding out on a shelf in the bathroom (in their respective boxes) until we make the trip down to Georgia for the wedding.  As with my other wedding jewelry, I try my band on at least once a week. I is so excite to wear! =)

I did take a few photos of me wearing the engagement ring + my band + his band, but my hand skin looks so crocodile-like, I had decided to spare you...but I is so excite to wear that I'll show it anyway - and make an effort to seriously start to moisturize!! Jesus.

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