Wednesday, April 18, 2012

On The Road Again...

Today the Getting Married Trip begins!  We are departing Boston to drive south to Atlanta for the wedding on April 23rd.  In tow (or in the back seat) is my wedding dress, future husband guy's suit, and about 50 pounds of blankets covering the two.  Why the hell is that necessary??

This beast. He abhors being in a cage (he howls, scratches the door and breaks off his nails - even when drugged), so we find it easier for everyone to just let him roam around the car when we drive.  90% of the 20 hour drive to Georgia he sits in the lap of whoever is sitting in the passenger seat.  The real problem occurs when we stop for gas or food.  Whenever the car is stopped Rasputin finds it necessary to crawl to the back of the car, and meow/look like a creepy ghoul at whoever passes by the car.  We know that he is going to be roaming all over the car during this trip, so it is easier to just protect our wedding clothes with a mound of blankets, then trying to get him to stay up front with us the whole time.

I guess it bears mentioning that he isn't declawed.  I've never had a declawed cat and I think it a terrible thing to do to a cat.  My better half wants to declaw him.  However, since Pooper doesn't have fur, I'd have to look at the nubby scars on his declawed feet, and I just can't do it - it would break my heart!  No declawing my Demon Baby!  More to the point, even with his claws trimmed, our wedding clothes will be in danger unless there is some type of buffer between the clothes and his claws, so a pile of blankets it is!

Rasputin will be staying with my Dad and stepmom for the entire time we are away for the wedding.  They have a white, slow minded Pomeranian.  Rasputin loves to terrorize him, so I do feel sorry for the simple fluff ball. :(  However, leaving the cat at my dad's means I'll be able to sleep through the night on the honeymoon. (The cat wakes me up at least 5 times a night meowing in my face or clawing to get under the covers.)  I am SO looking forward to being free of that for a few days. =)

Off we go! To the land of Krystals, Waffle House, and The Varsity (my favorite places!!).  When we returned to Boston I'll be a Smi Wife and have a Smi Husband!


  1. Congratulations!
    Have a safe trip, all of you (including the wedding clothes!)


  2. U are so stylish! what do u say about following each other sweetie?:X


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