Friday, April 6, 2012

Simple Identifier - Lil' ID Tags + A Lil' News

Sometimes you don't need a lot of information to mark your property.  When those times call, there's the "ID" tag!  With just enough room to boldly display a name, these little (3" x 1") tags effectively and simply, aid in identifying your stuff.

In other news: We are almost 2 weeks away from the big event! Holy crap.  I'm still working on what to stamp on our honeymoon tags.  I only have 1 set planned for us so far, and I figure I'll need at least 5 sets (even though I am only bringing 1 bag). Hopefully some ideas come to me soon!

In other, other news: The shop will reopen on May 1st*ish.  This is the day that we return from our honeymoon, so my goal is to drop my bags on the floor and then run over to my computer and reopen my shop.  ;)

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