Monday, February 13, 2012

Introducing: Petite Leather Tags and Initial/Monogram Tags AND a New Font!

One of my goals for Of The Fountain in 2012 is to introduce a few new items.  At this time I am excited to offer 2 new custom tag sets.

First up is the adorable Petite leather tag! These cute lil' guys measure 2" x 1" and offer just enough room for a brief sentiment.  They are the perfect accessory for honeymoon luggage, a person, or perhaps a laptop case.

Also new to the shop are simple initial/monogram tags.   For someone that wants a simple look, here is your tag!

 Initial tag with new font (Font E).

I guess I am also semi-introducing the newest font at Of The Fountain: Font E! Yes, I do have a way with naming my fonts.  It just comes to me. I have a gift.  I haven't yet added the visual of this option to all my listings, but it is available!  See how it compares in size to the other fonts:

Wow! It is kind of beast.  I don't know how practical this font will be.  But if anyone ever needs it, it will be there...

I am hoping to reveal one more new item in the next few months. Hint: It is not a leather tag. It's a...well, I guess it would be classified under housewares?  Well, it is leather and can be customized.  I'm still working on different prototypes so it may be a little bit before it makes an appearance.

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