Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Impulse Buys of the Week

I kind of hate going to the grocery store.  It sucks.  There's always tons of people that don't know how to politely operate their cart.  And everyone finds it necessary to walk slow as hell.  I want to get in, get my crap, and then leave.  I really don't find it fun to mosey around the grocery store.  With that being said, I only go to the grocery store every 7-10 days if I can help it. 

However, since I go to the store so infrequently, I tend to impulse buy things I don't need. A lot.  I ask myself, "I may want this stuff in the future, but when will I be back here???" "IDK, but you will most certainly need it before your next trip to the store," my other self responds.  So I buy the stuff.  Here is this week's evidence of my weakness and inability to stick to my list.

This was a pretty light week as far as unnecessary purchases go.

I have a major sweet tooth.  I try to eat healthy*ish for all of my meals and snacks, but when it comes to after-dinner dessert...I suck.  I crave chocolate at this time and if for some reason I am out of oreos or candy bars, I have to make a run over to the nearby convenient store to pick something up, even if it's super late.  Hence, the brownie mix and strawberries + chocolate.  For the past year or so I've been buying "healthy" brownie mix, but sometimes you just need the delicious, super fattening, unhealthy kind! The corned beef hash?  I got that for my future husband guy who was just saying over St. Patrick's Day how much he loves the stuff.  (See! I think of others, too, when it comes to my impulse buying!).

For some, these items may not be deemed worthy of being called impulse buys, but I always make a list before venturing to the grocery store, and this stuff wasn't on the list. So, impulse buy for meeee! :)

The things I impulse bought this week were actually consumed.  Sadly, most impulse buys get thrown away or are still sitting in my pantry a year or two later.  I guess these purchases can be deemed a success.

I'm going to try and do a post after every grocery store visit to show the things I bought that I probably didn't need.  Maybe I can shame myself into changing my shopping habits?

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