Saturday, April 30, 2011

Waiting for Summer TV

I don't have cable. I haven't had cable in almost 2 years.  Anyone that has known me for a while would be shocked to hear this.  For most of my childhood/teenage years/early adulthood, television has been my life.  When I say that I used to watch 4-6 hours of TV a day, I mean it.  I had "my shows" that I watched everyday and it occupied a lot of my free time.  I even watched crap TV - the kind of shows that you know are bad and stupid and yet you watch them anyway (and feel ashamed for watching).

Since moving in with my better half, I haven't had cable.  I think we just decided that we'd rather have super fast internet instead of cable.  Also, he didn't watch that much TV and I thought I should probably cut back.  I'm happy to say that I've survived quite well.  While I am SO out of the loop as far as pointless entertainment news goes (who the hell is Snooky and Justin Beiber and iCarly?), I am seriously OK with that.

I do still have a few choice TV shows that I MUST watch (The Office, Outsourced, Parks & Rec., Archer, and South Park).  But I really have cut back.  Oh, and since I don't have cable, some of these awesome shows must be ascertained by other, less than legal means...

Sadly, my ABSOLUTE MOST FAVORITE shows are only on during a tiny window during the summer/fall.  These shows, that I would watch first before cashing in my winning lotto ticket, are:

Boardwalk Empire

Ahhhhh, such good stuff!!


  1. I am getting excited with Dexter - will they/ won't they? : )

  2. I'm not all that into tv myself these days. But you know there are many cable tv shows you can watch on the Internet if you really want to. You can either go to the channels website or hulu.

    But on the other hand, sometimes it seems like the tv just seems to suck the life out of us when we could be doing other things!

  3. I watch very little TV too:):)


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