Friday, April 29, 2011

Snow: Georgia VS Massachusetts

I've lived my entire life in the South - North Georgia to be exact.  While the winters that I have experienced there have always been cold, the amount of snow that falls in the Peach State is quite diminutive.  Snow, if it appears at all, is treated as a big deal in Georgia.  When the weather threatens snow or ice, sh*t shuts down. 

9 months ago I moved to Boston, Massachusetts.  I just survived my first New England winter. Hell, I even went skiing in Vermont in sub zero temperatures this past January.  I think this (very cold-natured, always shivering) Southern girl did OK.  The point I'm trying to make is that the winter I experienced here in Boston was very different from my past Georgia winters.  There was A LOT more snow.  I went home to Georgia this past Christmas and it actually snowed.  I took pictures.  I returned to Boston and in January there was a blizzard.  I took more pictures.  Here's how the two states compare, in my eyes.


Pathetic dusting of snow.

Our snowballs were half snow / half leaves. :(

Snowman with pine straw face.


 Train/bus station parking lot during the early stages of a blizzard.

A small view of my route to the post office.   The sidewalks were covered in ice, but luckily I had something to prevent me from dying.

 I'd never seen so much snow in my entire life. So white, fluffy, and virginal!

 Yeah, the pretty snow didn't last long...


  1. This past winter in Georgia was crazy. 3 big snows starting with the one at Christmas. I'm not a fan of snow. Good luck living north of the Mason-Dixon line!!

  2. Oh it was! My mom was "stuck" at her house for 3 days because everything was covered in ice. They don't have the supplies to salt roads, I guess. Atlanta was shut down! Work was canceled. Yeah, it was crazy.

    Yes, this past winter in GA was pretty unusual. Though Massachusetts still had piles more snow. :)


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