Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Favorite Shops: Hankie Tankie

I recently came across the adorably sweet Etsy shop, Hankie Tankie.  This shop offers one of a kind embellished tank tops, unique scarves, and eco-friendly tote bags.  Not only are the pieces lovely, but the tank tops range from $19-26!

I love this quote from the seller's profile, "once upon a time, my mom mailed me a package of vintage hankies with a note that said, 'do something with these!' i had been experimenting with tank top designs, and voila! hankie tankie was born..."

 Sinfully sweet flapper style!

Perfect for work, school, or date night. :)

I absolutely love the romantic feel of the lace and bows.

Another favorite. :)


  1. I have one!!! I loved her shop on Etsy, and when I was vacationing in Portland, I saw her at a street fair and was quite excited! They are all so much lovelier in person! :)


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